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Windsor Windsor Specs

Enjoy the look and luxury of a home elevator in your new or existing home, without the expense and hassle of altering your foundation. The Windsor rests on the floor, and can travel up to 16' or two stops, adding convenience, flexibility, and value to your home.

Engineered to be practical. The Windsor home elevator fits in the space the size of a closet. The self-contained drive system is housed in the hoistway at the top of the track, eliminating the need for a separate machine room. And, because the car rests on the floor at the lower landing, no pit is required.

Consequently, no foundation changes are necessary. This elevator is rated to lift 500 pounds and rides on two steel rails. The winding drum drive system ensures a smooth, quiet ride.

Convenience you can count on. By using standard interior doors, the elevator compliments your home's décor. The doors are equipped with interlocks that allow them to be opened only when the car is at the same landing you are.

Other standard safety features include an emergency stop button and alarm inside the cab, a telephone jack which can accommodate a standard household phone, and much more!

The controls are fully automatic. Elegant brushed stainless steel hall stations ensure the Windsor will always be available.

The accordion gate, folds neatly out of the way for a wide entry path. Choose either white laminated panels, which can be painted to coordinate with your existing décor, or the optional light oak laminate panels for the interior of your elevator.


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