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Minivator Minivator Specs

The Minivator is designed for homes where space is at a premium and larger elevators are not practical. This self-contained home elevator doesn't need a pit, machine room or hoistway. The structural impact on your home is minimal, ensuring the elevator can be installed and ready to use quickly.

The car rides on two steel rails mounted to the wall, and passes through an easily constructed opening between two floors. We will handle everything from site evaluation to installation and maintenance - you won't have to worry about anything.

Makes the most of your living space. The Minivator is wheelchair accessible and has a weight capacity of 450 pounds.

No matter which floor the elevator is on, the opening between floors is attractively concealed. You can safely walk on the floor cover when the elevator is at the lower level. This feature opens up your living space, while giving you convenient access to both floors.

Easy to own. The Minivator was designed for your comfort and convenience. Push-button controls inside the elevator make it easy to operate. It comes equipped with an emergency stop button and you can add a telephone for your convenience. The key locks in the unit and hall stations prevent unauthorized access.

Ivory finished steel wall panels with Plexiglas "windows" blend beautifully with virtually any home décor, while maintaining an open, airy feel inside the cab. It's easy to care for and is built to last for years.


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