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What could be more welcoming to your guests – or to you, when you’re carrying a load of groceries – than a LEV home elevator? It’s the one feature you can add to your home that will be an indispensable asset from the first day, and every day thereafter. Plus, it can increase the value and marketability of your home – all for much less than you’d expect to pay.

Each elevator undergoes rigorous testing to maintain our exacting standards. You’ll enjoy the full protection of all the safety assurances you’d expect in a much more expensive elevator. Each elevator comes standard with an in-car phone, battery back-up system that allows for lowering the car in the event of a power outage, emergency alarms, emergency stop switch, plus much more! The doors have special interlocks that ensure they will open only when the elevator is present at that landing. And, we stand behind the LEV with a full two-year parts warranty.

The LEV home elevator increases your home’s value and marketability. And the added prestige and convenience to your home is incalculable. Design your own elevator from hundreds of possible configurations to reflect your style and seamlessly blend with the rest of your home.

The LEV has a very space-efficient design because we realize how valuable your living space is. Low overhead clearance and pit requirements keep the LEV design compact.

Most home elevators require a separate area to house the controller and drive system that raises and lowers the elevator car. The LEV eliminates wasted space by mounting the drive system and controller directly inside the top of the hoistway. This conserves valuable living space in your home. And for homes in areas subject to flooding, having the drive mounted on top of the shaftway is an added benefit.

The LEV has a geared machine drive with counterweight system that allows for a smooth, secure ride and the ability to lift up to 950 lbs. The LEV can travel up to 50 feet - providing basement to top story access with service up to five stops.

Designing your elevator interior is simple. You can either choose from our standard finishes or upgrade to the beauty of natural wood (Shipped unfinished so you can match your existing décor exactly, or have us finish it for you, Click here to see factory finishes).

Standard Finishes:
Melamine - Light Oak, Dark Oak, White, Champagne

Upgrade Finishes:
Wood Veneer - Oak, Cherry Birch
Inset Panel Wood - Oak, Cherry, Birch
Raised Panel Wood - Oak, Cherry, Birch

Car operating panel (operate the elevator from the inside). Fully automatic controls include digital position indicator and diagnostic tools that let you know should your elevator ever need service.

Standard brushed finishes:
- Brushed stainless steel
- Brushed brass

- Polished stainless steel
- Polished brass
- Key lock in car operating panel to prevent unauthorized access

Hall stations: (placed next to the exterior of the elevator, call the elevator to you)

- Brushed stainless steel
- Brushed brass

- Polished stainless steel
- Polished brass
- Key lock to prevent unauthorized access

Handrails to match wall panels:

Melamine Handrails
A) Dark Oak
B) White
C) Champagne
D) Light Oak
Wooden Handrails
A) Oak
B) Cherry
C) Birch

Upgrade (not available on melamine walls):

- Brushed stainless steel
- Polished stainless steel
- Brushed brass
- Polished brass

Accordion gate:

Standard colors
- Light oak
- Dark oak
- Chalk
- Champagne
- White

Upgrade gate:

- Any color listed above with three clear vision panels
- All clear vision panels
- Deluxe VisiFold® gate with all clear vision panels
- Solid aluminum or perforated aluminum panels with clear or brass anodized finish
- Automatic gate opener with light beam safety curtain

Add a recessed cabinet to attractively conceal the telephone:

- Brushed stainless steel
- Polished stainless steel
- Brushed brass
- Polished brass


-White is standard
-Upgrade your wood car to matching wood veneer ceiling (not available with melamine walls)


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